[Video 1] Making Change Happen

Aloha and wel­come to the very first week and first video of the 7-week Art of Allow­ing pre­view series.

The most impor­tant ques­tion to answer in the begin­ning is, “How do you keep going when you don’t want to anymore.”

In this video you’ll find out to stay focused and make it all the way from where you are now to the end of a com­mit­ment you make. This video will give you the tools you need to not only make it through the next 6 weeks of this mini-life-change course, but how to actu­ally use the next 6 weeks to change your life.

I really encour­age you to take just a few moments each week and lis­ten to the videos you’ll be receiv­ing. If you do this you’ll be fairly unusual since most peo­ple love the idea of change, but don’t love it any­more when the moment arrives to actu­ally stop what they have always done and start doing some­thing new.

I’ll help you make this change if you are will­ing. 🙂 Just lis­ten to the video each week, and then see how you can take just one idea or prin­ci­ple and apply it dur­ing the day. Bet­ter yet, choose to lis­ten to the weekly video every day at the start or end of your day for the entire week and then see how you can apply the key con­cept to your daily life.

I’m really look­ing for­ward to hear­ing about how you’re using these videos dur­ing this next 7 weeks. Please let me know how it’s going in the com­ments below. Also feel free to ask me any ques­tions at all.

With love and aloha,


20 Responses to “[Video 1] Making Change Happen”

  1. Ed Knab says:

    Last­ing change is dif­fi­cult for most peo­ple, how­ever, your point about gain­ing clar­ity about what that change means to you and focus­ing on the inten­tion of the ben­e­fits of the change is foun­da­tional to mak­ing it happen.

    • sgregg says:

      Aloha Ed,

      Actu­ally think­ing last­ing change is hard for most peo­ple is only a belief and if we set our intent to allow change to be easy it cer­tainly can be. Multi-layered our fil­ter sys­tem is : ) and the gift is we get to expe­ri­ence it over and over again until we decide to decide what we REALLY want to experience.

      With love and aloha,

  2. Ed Knab says:

    You are so right, think­ing that last­ing change is easy is a key shift in our intent. Car­los Cas­taneda in this book, The Active Side of Infin­ity, indi­cated that ” Intent is a force that exists in the uni­verse. When sor­cer­ers bec­con intent, it comes to them and sets up the path for attain­ment, which means the sorcerer’s always accom­plish what they set out to do.” In this way and we are the sor­cer­ers because our energy comes from our Source.

    Believ­ing this we can make change easy, but what about those that don’t know or don’t know that they don’t know?

    • sgregg says:

      Does pro­ject­ing the belief, “what about those that don’t know or don’t know that they don’t know?” serve you or them? I think not, hold­ing the intent that every­one can achieve per­sonal free­dom and leav­ing it at that cre­ates a much more expan­sive energy.

  3. Ed Knab says:


    I couldn’t agree more with your point and agree that “hold­ing the intent that every­one can achieve per­sonal free­dom and leav­ing it at that cre­ates a much more expan­sive energy” in me, but I would sug­gest it does not mean more energy is cre­ated. Only by help­ing oth­ers real­ize their per­sonal free­dom can we add to the sum of energy. After self ful­fill­ment, I would think our high­est aim should be to help oth­ers. Your thoughts?

    • sgregg says:

      I think if you really look at your response you may see some judg­ment there. I used to think I came here to make the world a bet­ter place until I real­ized that was based on a judg­ment that there was some­thing wrong with the world the way it is.

      With love and aloha,

  4. Penny says:

    thank you susan for the video. I needed to hear what you said about forc­ing my way upstream of float­ing with the cur­rent. I have been work­ing to con­sciously cre­ate my life– set­ting inten­tions and start­ing to feel over­whelmed and I cant do it. So thank you

  5. Kim says:

    Thank you, Susan, for mak­ing these videos avail­able to us free of charge. Sweet gift for the com­ing new year! Won­der­ful “small bites”. Some­times I find the big bites are over­whelm­ing so these lit­tle bites are just the right size for mak­ing small changes which can then lead to big­ger ones. So often when we are in the process of mak­ing changes, work­ing on our­selves, etc. we tend to dig and hunt for what isn’t right and what isn’t work­ing so we can try to make changes to “fix” that. How about we dig and hunt for what is right and what is work­ing and turn up the vol­ume on that? Fol­lows with what you said about how peo­ple often tell you what they don’t want instead of what they DO want. Happy dream­ing to us all! Thanks again! Kim

  6. Lori says:

    Hi Susan,
    Thank you so much for these videos! I am look­ing for­ward to all of them! I was very intrigued by your state­ment about chang­ing your point of cre­ation from your mind to your spirit. I want to do that 🙂 but I am just a lit­tle unclear as to what that means. Could you expand on that a lit­tle bit?

    Thank you!

    • sgregg says:

      We can lis­ten to our fil­ter sys­tem filled with rules and lim­i­ta­tions or we can begin to lis­ten to our spirit filled with love and totally lim­it­less. When we decide to choose lis­ten­ing to our spirit the choices we make are very dif­fer­ent and we begin to change our point of creation.

      I talk a lot about that through­out the Art of Allow­ing series.

      With a big wel­come to all the new mem­bers,

  7. Susan Guerrero says:

    Cur­rently my mon­tra to my chil­dren is, “Tell me what you want, not what you don’t want.“
    When I look at my own life I find what I want is a scary propo­si­tion. I find with every­thing I tell myself I really want there is a cost. The sto­ries begin why it is not pos­si­ble.
    One of my life long dreams is to retire to Hawaii. In 2008 while vis­it­ing Oahu I thought, “What would I do if I moved here?” Feel­ing like I need a pur­pose.
    Last Febu­rary I vis­ited the Peace Gar­den in Cap­tain Cook area and had a won­der­ful expe­ri­ence. I was read­ing The Fifth Agree­ment at the time.
    In May I went to Josuah Tree in Cal­i­for­nia and met the Ruiz fam­ily. Jose said if you are feel­ing nevous just jump.
    I am ner­vous about intro­duc­ing myself to you. I always had this pic­ture of rela­tion­ship of me hook­ing my wagon on some­one elses horse. It hasn’t worked well for me so when I feel excited about meet­ing some­one I watch my expec­ta­tions and tend to be silent.
    So focus­ing on now I just want to say hello and thank you for your teach­ing.

    • sgregg says:

      Expec­ta­tions will cre­ate pilikia (trauma and drama) every time. Welcome .…

      I often remind peo­ple that the inter­net is a won­der­ful place to prac­tice not tak­ing things per­son­ally. I had one per­son send me am angry email because I always ask for sug­ges­tions for pod­cast top­ics. I had never heard from the per­son before and they went on to say why should I send you a sug­ges­tion you NEVER respond to any of my emails. They got to be right, angry and disappointed.

      So watch the videos and enjoy the journey.

      With love,

  8. Sanoe says:

    Aloha and much mahalo for these videos I hear it dif­fer­ently every time I lis­ten. I have been learn­ing to play the ukulele for over a year now and my chal­lenge is think­ing that I am impos­ing my want on oth­ers I live with, who don’t find it as great as I do and I then won’t prac­tice. How do you keep going when the blocks are close and large?

    • sgregg says:

      Blocks are only as big and as real as we allow them to be. You can try to make oth­ers happy until you real­ize you can’t ever make any­one else happy. Then you can change what you can change — how you feel.

      With love and aloha,

  9. Roz says:

    The BEAUTIFUL VISUALS make it so easy to watch and reminded me that we too can cre­ate BEAUTIFUL VISUALS in our minds to assist us in allow­ing the PLEASURE into our lives. I am tired of the pain. As sim­ple as it may sound, I real­ize that what I do want is plea­sure and what a fab­u­lous way to start the New Year … I will invite it, embrace it and live it! Thank you, Susan.
    Love, Roz

    • sgregg says:

      It is so true Rox, we can cre­ate beauty in our mind any­time we want and in the process allow that beauty to reflect into our life.

      With love, aloha and a warm smile,

  10. Jeanine Ott says:

    Aloha Susan~

    I am a new face here and so blessed to of found you!

    I have been feel­ing stuck for awhile now. I have always had a part of me that feels oh..I have to learn this attune­ment, or do this, or to become a healer I need to add this on my list, wheww..the list goes on..I am so spread out all over the place Susan, after awhile it becomes such a heavy feel­ing and I give up.

    After awhile I believe one can’t help but to begin to loose their real focus and iden­tity. I have allowed myself to become lost, sad, frus­trated because my course of action runs in so many direc­tions. You can’t imag­ine or (maybe you can), how many times I have sat down and asked myself, “Jea­nine who are you?” or “What would you like to cre­ate in your life for more abun­dance?” I know now after view­ing Video 1..“Making Change Hap­pen” every­thing you shared made per­fect sense. Oh by the way, your calm gen­tle tone you set is so healing~

    I know being born an empath/sensitive per­son I take on oth­ers emo­tions, but am learn­ing not to. I have had peo­ple come to me for advice all the time. I can be stand­ing in line in a store where peo­ple in front turn around and chat. It’s funny in a way, because I end up hear­ing someone’s life story..

    I love ani­mals to..for myself they have been some of the most empow­er­ing and gen­tle teach­ers I have ever encoun­tered. My heart breaks with sad­ness and anger (at times) if I wit­ness some­one hurt­ing one.

    See how I easly get off course..well, I am on a new jour­ney now for me..Jeanine..which I am so thrilled about Susan.

    I can’t wait to prac­tice your tools daily. I do have a cou­ple of ques­tions to ask please..“is there any­thing I can do to ask myself, what it is I really want to do or achieve?” “Is it like peel­ing lay­ers of an onion away, til your hold­ing the last piece left that you go..awh ha, I found my answer?”

    Susan, again thank you for all you are and all you do for all of us!

    Have a beau­ti­ful blessed day~

    Love and Grat­i­tude,

  11. Manav says:

    Hi Susan, I’m from India and have been an energy heal­ing prac­ti­tioner for 3+ years now. In lis­ten­ing to you and in read­ing your writ­ings, I find a lot of res­o­nance and answers that I am seek­ing at this stage of my growth and expe­ri­ence in under­stand­ing the prin­ci­ples of the Uni­verse. So, thank you!

    The most res­onat­ing thought in this video was chang­ing the point of cre­ation from the mind to the Spirit. What a beau­ti­ful and sim­ple way of say­ing some­thing so meaningful.

    Thanks for all you do & I look for­ward to the rest of the classes.


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