Have you decided to change your life for the bet­ter only to dis­cover a year later that… noth­ing changed?

Chang­ing Your Life is Just
a Thought Away…

When we want to change, but noth­ing we try works, it’s incred­i­bly frustrating!

And what’s also frus­trat­ing is real­iz­ing that you can’t fig­ure out why things aren’t work­ing the way you planned. Per­haps you tried this pro­gram, that book, or some other class that promised the world, and while it might have been really excit­ing for a short time, even­tu­ally you found your­self falling back into the same old habit.

Are you tired of hear­ing about your amaz­ing poten­tial and even more tired of the failed attempts to get there? There’s a con­crete rea­son your efforts might not be pan­ning out…

While you’re cer­tain that change is what you want and you may even feel you know pre­cisely what you have to do, it turns out want­ing to change just isn’t enough. Even mak­ing a com­mit­ment to change isn’t enough. There’s a key ingre­di­ent that you’re miss­ing and it’s so sim­ple and so close to you that you can’t see it. It took me ten years to finally see it.

 Are you miss­ing out on your mag­i­cal life sim­ply because you aren’t see­ing the infi­nite choices you have right in front of you?

It’s a tru­ism that the eye can’t see itself, except through reflec­tion. See­ing the path that we’re already trav­el­ing in life is no eas­ier. It takes a van­tage point out­side us to mir­ror the truth back to us.

Are you try­ing too hard? Do you lose focus and give up?

It turns out that mak­ing per­ma­nent, pos­i­tive change in your life is like run­ning a slow-motion marathon; you start off excited and eager to reach your des­ti­na­tion, but long before the race is over you can for­get why you started. Either that or you sprint out of the start­ing gate and exhaus­tion quickly forces you to aban­don your quest.

Both results (los­ing moti­va­tion or quit­ting from exhaus­tion) usu­ally cre­ate a sit­u­a­tion where you’re less likely to try again because of the shame, frus­tra­tion and/or embar­rass­ment that come from “los­ing”. I know what it feels like to want to give up. Some­times it feels like no mat­ter what I do it won’t be enough. Worse, it seems as though I’m com­pletely alone on my frus­trat­ing jour­ney. I’ve been there many times, in fact!

What if you had a lov­ing men­tor who gave you reg­u­lar reminders and helped you learn how to see life dif­fer­ently so you could eas­ily make new choices?

One secret to stay­ing in the race is hav­ing peo­ple on the side­lines urg­ing you on; friends and guides sup­port­ing you and remind­ing you that you have it in you to achieve your goal. We all need some­one (or some sys­tem) to encour­age us and help remind us of the com­mit­ments we’ve made, espe­cially the ones we make to ourselves.

Another prob­lem we usu­ally run into is the issue of try­ing too hard. When you let some­one who has been there help you learn to take small, easy steps your effort becomes effort­less and you will finally start to see the progress that has eluded you for so long.

Intro­duc­ing the Art of Allow­ing Course

The Art of Allow­ing pro­gram is a one-year, weekly series of short, video-based lessons with weekly reminders, work­sheets and monthly live webi­nars. It gives you the assis­tance you need and is specif­i­cally designed to help you stay on your path so you can begin to change your habit­ual think­ing and cre­ate what you want. When I was a stu­dent I said to one of the advanced stu­dents, “This seems like brain wash­ing.” She smiled and replied, “Your brain needs wash­ing.” The Art of Allow­ing video learn­ing series will teach you how to think dif­fer­ently so you begin to get the results you want eas­ily and effortlessly.

And it gives you the rep­e­ti­tion of con­cepts as a built-in strat­egy that allows you to relax and stop wor­ry­ing that you missed some­thing and have to work harder to “get” it. It’s designed to help you learn to allow your life to change by help­ing you see new choices and ways of being. And every month there is a live ques­tion and answer tele­sem­i­nar ses­sion so if you are unsure about some­thing you can ask me ques­tions then.

How to beat, “I’ll-get-to-that-later” syndrome

When we’re con­vinced that an action we have to take will require a lot of time and/or effort, it’s easy to put it off. A great solu­tion is to know that an item on our list is going to take a short and pre­dictable amount of time. With the Art of Allow­ing learn­ing series, I’ve split the process into a series of spe­cific steps that take a short time every week to do.


“My life is begin­ning to change. I have cer­tainly been some­one who lets prac­tices drop just as results begin to kick in. But these changes seem organic. In the morn­ing when I lean around the bath­room door to catch myself in the mir­ror and say a heart­felt “I love you”, it is just a nat­ural part of my day… It feels right.”

—Cur­rent mem­ber of the Art of Allow­ing Class


The Art of Allow­ing Series Can…

  • Enable you to dis­cover what it is you most want in life and how to allow it to take form.
  • Help you stick with your com­mit­ment to change.
  • Teach you prin­ci­ples that will empower you for the rest of your life, no mat­ter what your goals.


The Art of Allow­ing con­sists of a sim­ple sys­tem designed to help you achieve your goals:

  • Monthly and weekly videos (5, 6-to-10-minute videos per month) plus down­load­able MP3 audio ver­sions of each video for lis­ten­ing on portable devices and computers
  • Work­sheets and check­lists inline and in PDF format
  • Spe­cific exam­ples and case stud­ies in the form of stories
  • A live monthly ques­tion and answer webi­nar with Susan
  • Com­ments and inter­ac­tion with Susan inside the mem­ber­ship site


Here’s What the First Month Looks Like…

Here’s a sam­ple of the first month’s titles and top­ics that you’ll cover inside the Art of Allow­ing video course:

Month 1 – You Are A Lim­it­less Being
Get­ting started: You really are lim­it­less. All of our lim­i­ta­tions are cre­ated by our thoughts.

Week 1 – Eye of the Tiger
This week’s video is a reminder of just how pow­er­ful con­sciously focus­ing your atten­tion is.

Week 2 – Impor­tance of Book­ends
There are lit­er­ally hun­dreds of things you can do daily to facil­i­tate your process. This video teaches you how to pick the right things and make sure they get done.

Week 3 – What is per­sonal freedom?

You will find that your def­i­n­i­tions of words and con­cepts has a pro­found effect on your expe­ri­ence of life. What most of us for­get is we can change our def­i­n­i­tions when­ever we want.

Week 4 – Swim­ming in a sea of love – ‘fish story’
The rea­son I called this class the art of allow­ing is because hap­pi­ness isn’t some­thing we work for or achieve it is some­thing we allow into our life thought by thought.

This is really just scratch­ing the sur­face! There’s SO much great mate­r­ial I will be adding to this course as we go along that I could never men­tion it all in a sin­gle let­ter. Not sur­pris­ingly, it would take a year to tell you all about it! This class has been years in the mak­ing and I am so excited to see it finally become a reality.


To Sum Up

If you can relate at all to the expe­ri­ence of los­ing track, or focus, or com­mit­ment to your­self, I think you’ll find that hav­ing a fresh new video arrive in your email inbox each week may be just the extra stim­u­lus you need to move to the next level in your jour­ney. But truly, this series would be great if all it con­sisted of was a weekly video. In fact, there’s SO much more than that and I know you’re really going to love it.

  1. Each week I’ll send out another video address­ing the issues that are of great­est con­cern, or offer­ing a spe­cific les­son based on Toltec Mas­tery or Hawai­ian spir­i­tu­al­ity. You’ll be able to com­ment and ask ques­tions about it with me and oth­ers in the com­ments area.
  2. And then each month we’ll all get together for a live webi­nar, where you can ask me spe­cific ques­tions. I’ll answer your ques­tions and also take the most asked about top­ics and cre­ate new videos as reminders for you over the com­ing month.
  3. Addi­tion­ally I’ll be post­ing extra mate­ri­als in the form of videos, PDF eBooks and audio files that will help you with your goals and intent.


What’s Dif­fer­ent About the Art of Allow­ing Video Learn­ing Series?

This pro­gram is the result of over 20 years of expe­ri­ence teach­ing Toltec and Hawai­ian prin­ci­ples and I believe it’s the only one like it. It’s designed to teach and guide you along the way and it addresses specif­i­cally the prob­lems that stu­dents of life trans­form­ing courses have con­sis­tently run into over the years.

By using a com­bi­na­tion of weekly audio/video/text train­ing and feed­back, this course allows you to find your own way and stay focused while you receive encour­age­ment from the weekly updates and monthly webi­nars. You’re not doing it alone any­more and that’s a big deal!


NEW PRICING & A Spe­cial Offer…

I have just made a big change to the Art of Allow­ing pro­gram… A while ago I put a short com­ment box on the check-out page ask­ing those folks who didn’t sign up at the time why they decided not to avail them­selves of the program.

Over­whelm­ingly, every­one answered that they sim­ply could not afford the pro­gram, but would love to enroll.

My pas­sion in life is help­ing as many peo­ple as pos­si­ble achieve per­sonal free­dom and I’d rather more peo­ple have access to infor­ma­tion that will help them than any­thing else, so I have decided to lower the price of Art of Allowing.

Mem­ber­ship is now just $47 $27/month!

Also, I chose to offer a monthly sub­scrip­tion rather than require pay­ment of $564 $324 up front so that it would make it even eas­ier to afford. And now that the price has been low­ered by almost 43%, I hope it’s finally avail­able to every­one who wanted to attend before, but couldn’t because of the finan­cial issue.

Of course you can can­cel at any time and there’s no oblig­a­tion to com­plete the course, but be aware that if you DO can­cel, you’ll need to start at the begin­ning if you decide to sign up again later.

Now is the time to get started if you’ve decided that you’re ready to change your life!

With love and aloha,


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Bonus 1: Allow­ing Abun­dance ($40.00 value)

Allow­ing Abun­dance (which is no longer avail­able to pur­chase, and which used to sell for $40.00)  will be avail­able for down­load after your Art of Allow­ing mem­ber­ship pur­chase and reg­is­tra­tion is com­pleted. We will send out a sep­a­rate email with infor­ma­tion you will need to down­load your bonus.

We live in a lim­it­less uni­verse yet we often expe­ri­ence lim­i­ta­tions. Abun­dance is about so much more than just money—abundance is about time, love, peace of mind, ease, and hav­ing what we want. Abun­dance is about hav­ing more than enough to share. Abun­dance is about expe­ri­enc­ing our lim­it­less nature and fill­ing our lives with magic and mir­a­cles. This series explores abun­dance from this lim­it­less perspective.

This orig­i­nal class is a 4-CD set that has been con­verted to high-quality MP3 for­mat which you can down­load and start lis­ten­ing to immediately.



Bonus 2: Med­i­ta­tion Made Easy ($35.00 value)

An MP3 Audio Course & eBook to deepen your Med­i­ta­tion Prac­tice, or Get You Started…

Med­i­ta­tion is the cor­ner­stone of any spir­i­tual path and will trans­form your life. In these two classes I show you how to med­i­tate with ease. This pro­gram includes a record­ing I made of me play­ing the Tibetan bells for a group of students.

There are guided med­i­ta­tions as well as instruc­tion. Med­i­ta­tion really is easy and I have watched peo­ple make it so much harder than it is. In this class I sim­plify the process. I have been teach­ing med­i­ta­tion for over twenty years and med­i­tat­ing myself for almost thirty.

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If you would like to be a part of this spe­cial pro­gram, you can sign up right now and be watch­ing your first video (and chang­ing your life) in the next few minutes…


Art of Allow­ing Monthly Membership +

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Bonus 2: Med­i­ta­tion Made Easy ($35.00 value)

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$27 per month recur­ring sub­scrip­tion
(12 months total, can­cel any time)


 [Note that the all mate­r­ials are down­load­able prod­ucts only. They con­sist of video, MP3 and PDF files that you will be able to down­load once your pur­chase and reg­is­tra­tion is com­plete. The Art of Allow­ing pro­gram, is not a phys­i­cal prod­uct and noth­ing will be shipped to you.]

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Money Back Guarantee 100% - Burst Badge GreenThe Art of No Risk…

The Art of Allow­ing Learn­ing Series is 100% guar­an­teed for 30 days. Take your time, relax and allow the lessons into your life. Do the exer­cises and watch the videos and if you decide that this isn’t a good fit, just send me an email, or give me a call and I’ll be happy to give you a full refund for your first month’s fees. It’s easy and pain­less to get your money back if you’re not com­pletely sat­is­fied with the course.

[Please under­stand that the refund only applies to a first month in the course. You can’t stay in the course for 12 months, take advan­tage of all the mate­r­ial and then ask for a refund for the whole year. I feel that a month is enough time to know if this pro­gram is right for you and if you stay in the pro­gram longer than that you agree that there are no refunds after you’ve remained in the class over 30 days. I’ll gladly stop your sub­scrip­tion if you decide at any time you want to can­cel after the first 30 days. Just make sure it’s at least 10 days before your next charge is due to go through so you aren’t charged for the next month. Thanks for understanding!]


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