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My name is Susan Gregg and I had the idea for this site almost four years ago. I had gotten interested in making videos because of research I had done on the potential of multi-media for enhancing real life change. Of course I also really enjoyed the process!

After I shared a few of my videos with students I discovered that a funny thing was happening. These videos really helped them change their lives, the same as my other materials, but I was getting rave reviews for the process and the results. One student was even able to shift some limiting beliefs he’d struggled with for years.

As you can imagine, I was pretty excited to realize these videos were positively influencing people’s lives!

For years I’ve been interested in how our brain operates. And as I created more and more video, I got more and better feedback and I realized that video was able to reach the brain by engaging multiple senses simultaneously. The results have spoken for themselves.

I've just released a new, 3-week free training series that will allow you to try a preview version of the course for almost 1 month. See just how easy it is to allow everything you've ever wanted into your life...

I have been helping people achieve personal freedom for over twenty years and am constantly trying to find more effective ways to assist people in changing their filter systems.

Our Filter System
We never experience life directly. What we actually experience is our filter system. Our filter system is composed of our beliefs, agreements, assumption and attitude. I call it a filter system because that is exactly what it does; it filters our experience of reality.

If you look at life through a dirty, distorted, vividly colored window it takes on that same hue. Clean the window and life looks very different. Change your filter system and your choices and thinking change drastically. Change your thinking and your life changes. Our filter system literally stops us from seeing the reality and likely outcomes of our choices.

I hope you explore this site and avail yourself of the seven free videos. Watch them and embrace the magic. Watch your filter system clear and your life get better and better.

What you see before you is the result of many, many hours of love and just plain hard work. It is my sincere hope that the information in this site will improve the quality of your life and in the process make the world a better place.

If you'd like to learn more, sign up for the free 3-week course that will introduce you to the basics and give you some great tools to start changing habits today.

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Have you decided to change your life for the better only to discover a year later that nothing happened?

Have you ever gotten tired of dealing with the same bad habits over and over again? Ever wondered how to make positive changes become a natural new habit?

When we want to change, but nothing we try works, it’s incredibly frustrating!

And what’s also frustrating is realizing that you can’t figure out why things aren't working the way you planned. Perhaps you tried this program, that book, or some other class that promised the world, and while it might have been really exciting for a short time, eventually you found yourself falling back into the same old habit.

There’s a simple, concrete reason your efforts don’t work.

And while you’re certain that change is what you want and you may even feel you know exactly what you have to do, it turns out wanting to change just isn’t enough.

Even making a commitment to change isn’t enough. There’s a key ingredient that you’re missing and it’s so simple and so close to you that you can’t see it. It took me ten years to finally see it.

Are you missing out on your magical life simply because you aren’t seeing the infinite choices you have right in front of you?

It’s a truism that the eye can’t see itself, except through reflection. Seeing the path that we’re already traveling in life is no easier. It takes a vantage point outside us to mirror the truth back to us.

Are you trying too hard? Do you lose focus and give up?

It turns out that making permanent, positive change in your life is like running a slow-motion marathon; you start off excited and eager to reach your destination, but long before the race is over you forget why you started. Either that, or you sprint out of the starting gate and you're quickly exhasted and quit.

Both results (losing motivation or quitting from exhaustion) usually create a situation where you’re less likely to try again because of the shame, frustration and/or embarrassment that come from “losing”. I know what it feels like to want to give up. Sometimes it feels like no matter what I do it won’t be enough. Worse, it seems as though I’m completely alone on my frustrating journey. I’ve been there many times, in fact!

The solution is to stop trying to do it all by yourself.

What if you had a loving mentor who gave you regular reminders and helped you learn how to see life differently so you could easily make new choices?

A critical secret to staying in the race is having people on the sidelines urging you on; friends and guides supporting you and reminding you that you have it in you to achieve your goal. We all need someone (or some system) to encourage us and help remind us of the commitments we’ve made, especially the commitments we make to ourselves.

Another problem we usually run into is the issue of trying too hard. When you let someone who has been there help you learn to take small, easy steps your effort becomes effortless and you will finally start to see the progress that has eluded you for so long.

Introducing the Art of Allowing Video Learning Series
The Art of Allowing program is a one-year, weekly series of short, video-based lessons with weekly reminders, worksheets guided meditations and monthly live webinars. It gives you the assistance you need and is specifically designed to help you stay on your path so you can begin to change your habitual thinking and create what you want. When I was a student I said to one of the advanced students, “This seems like brain washing.” She smiled and replied, “Your brain needs washing.” The Art of Allowing video learning series will teach you how to think differently so you begin to get the results you want more easily and with less effort and force.

And it gives you the repetition of concepts as a built-in strategy that allows you to relax and stop worrying that you missed something and have to work harder to “get” it. It’s designed to help you learn toallow your life to change by helping you see new choices and ways of being. And every month there is a live question and answer teleseminar session so if you are unsure about something you can ask me questions then.

When we’re convinced that an action we have to take will require a lot of time and/or effort, it’s easy to put it off. A great solution is to know that an item on our list is going to take a short and predictable amount of time. With the Art of Allowing learning series, I’ve split the process into a series of specific steps that take a short time every week to do.

If you'd like to learn more, sign up for the free 3-week course that will introduce you to the basics and give you some great tools to start changing habits today.

If you know you're ready to dive right in now and start the course, you can learn more here.

As ever, if you have any questions at all, please feel free to click the red 'Support' button on the left side of the page and let me know your thoughts!

“My life is beginning to change. I have certainly been someone who lets practices drop just as results begin to kick in. But these changes seem organic. In the morning when I lean around the bathroom door to catch myself in the mirror and say a heartfelt 'I love you', it is just a natural part of my day… It feels right.”

—Current member of the Art of Allowing Class


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